Our Member's Ads

Our Member's Ads

How our Site Works
ResidualAdNetwork.com is an advertisement Platform offering various advertising tools.

We do not have a free membership option.

You may join the site for a Monthly membership fees of $4.99.

Paid members get the following:
1. Banner ad views:
You get unlimited views for three (03) Banner ads (size 468x60) displayed in rotation in all pages of our site.

2. Text ad Views:
You get unlimited views for three (03) Text ads displayed in rotation in all pages of our site.

3. Access to URL/Link Rotator:
You can have unlimited number of link rotator with unlimted number of links in each rotator.
Link rotator is coded with your referral link. So you can get referrals to ResidualAdNetwork.com

4. Access to Multi Downline Builder:
You can add upto Five (05) of your best programs and it will be shown to all your referrals in ResidualAdNetwork

5. Access to Ad Coop Advertising:
You can use our advertising coop to advertise your ResidualAdNetwork referral link or your other programs links at very low rates.

6. Access to Premium Ads:
You can buy Login Page ads, Login ads, Exit Ads, Paid to click ads, 728x 90 and 125x125 banner ads at discounted prices.

Compensation Plan Overview:
You can earn commissions with ResidualAdNetwork in 5 ways:

1. Fast Track Referral Commission (50%).
2. Monthly Referral Commissions (20%).
3. Earn from viewing ads in Paid to Click (PTC) section.
4. Referral commission (10%) on ads viewed by Referral in Paid to Click (PTC) section.

1. Fast Track Referral Commission:
You get $2.50 One time per direct referral as soon as their account is upgraded.

2. Monthly Referral Commissions:
You get $1.00 per month per direct referral as long as their account is upgraded.
There is no limit on the number of direct referrals you may have and therefore is no limit on the number of $1 Monthly Residual Commissions you can get.

3. Commission for viewing ads in PTC section:
You can earn commissions by viewing ads placed by our advertisers in Paid to Click (PTC) section.

4. Referral commission on ads viewed by Referral in PTC section:
You earn 10% commission on every ad viewed by your Referral's in the Paid to Click (PTC) section. This is to encourage members to promote the site and get more advertisers.

Our Unique perpetual Growth Concept allocates 10% of every member's total earnings to introduce / Paid it forward (PIF) new members to our site and thus ensures a continuous growth.

As you can see, the earning potential is unlimited and the best part is that you can start with just $4.99.

Online earnings cannot be simpler and easier than this. Kick start your online earnings. Click the "JOIN" button below.

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Earnings Disclaimer: We sell a advertising product/service (banner ads, text ad, url rotator, downline builder etc). Do not rely on any earnings, testimonials or income statements as proofs of what you will earn from us from our compensation plan, as they are just examples. There are no guarantees of your own success or the speed of your earnings with ResidualAdNetwork. For more info, please see our "FAQ" and our "Term and Conditions" page

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ResidualAdNetwork.com Member's Ads

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