Our Member's Ads

Our Member's Ads

Questions & Answers

Q: What is ResidualAdNetwork?
A: ResidualAdNetwork.com is an advertisement site that offers earnings as incentive to the members that bring paid customers to us / advertise with us.

Q: Is residualadnetwork.com free to join?
A: No! You must join our site for a $4.99 Monthly membership fees.

Q: What do I get in return for the Membership fees?
A: There are two benefits of being a Paid Member in our site.
1. You will get access to Advertising and Marketing tools as listed in the "Details" page.

Q: How long does it take to process purchases?
A: Payments are manually verified (for security purpose) and the account stats are updated (in the same order of payment receipt) within 24-48 hours.
Please note that payments from "Verified Accounts" will only be accepted and Payouts will be issued to "Verified Accounts" ONLY.

Q: Do I need direct referrals to earn from this site?
A: No, You can earn by viewing ads daily from the Paid to Click section.
However, you can earn much more by referring a few members using free resources (we can provide you the list of free resources).

Q: What happens if I can't find referrals?
A: No problem. You will still use the advertising and marketing tools which are valued much more than the monthly fees of $4.99.

Q: How do I get my referrals?
A: We recommend the use of Social media sites and using free resources such as Free Traffic exchanges, PTCs etc (we can provide you the list of free resources). to find your referrals!
Your referral link is available in the "Promote" page in the member's area.

Q: On how many levels are commissions paid?
A: We are not a MLM or Matrix site. You get 50% Fast Track commission and 20% monthly commission from Direct referrals Only.

Q: Which payment processors does ResidualAdNetwork.com use?
A: We use Paypal and Payza.

Q: Is ResidualAdNetwork.com legal?
A: YES it is legal. You get accessing to advertising and Marketing tools in return for the membership fees. See "Details" page for more information.

Q: When will I get paid?
A: We pay commissions on First Saturday / Sunday of every Month. Note your account should have a minimum of $5 to qualify for payouts.

Q: Can I change payment processors / processor IDs?
A: No. We do not accept this for security reasons.

Q: Can I join without a sponsor?
A: YES. You may join us directly using the "Join Now" link found on the "Home Page" or on the "Top Menu Bar".

Q: Can I have multiple accounts?
A: Yes. However, we do not see any need for having multiple accounts. Make sure to use a different Email address for each account!

Q: What about refunds?
A: NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR DIGITALLY DELIVERED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES DUE TO THEIR INTANGIBLE NATURE! If you decide to terminate your membership in the future or change your mind AFTER you paid your fee, your fee will NOT be refunded. If we decide to discontinue our service you will not receive a refund of you membership fee. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of the service/product of ResidualAdNetwork.com, there can be NO REFUNDS after your payment. You are advised to keep this in mind when before paying your membership fees.

Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to us are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: Why has my account been deleted?
A: Accounts may be deleted for reasons, not limited to, cancellation of your subscription fees, non receipt of subscription fees within 15 days from the due date/time, inappropriate behavior and abuse towards other members and/or the administration of ResidualAdNetwork.com and possibly many other reasons too.
If you believe that none of the above is true and still your account has been deleted, please contact us.

Q: My question is not answered here.
A: Please use the Contact Us page to send us your question and one of our support staff will answer as soon as possible!

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